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While our response to COVID-19 has changed the way we are doing things, our services to our MODIFY youth continue. All interactions with staff are done remotely via phone, email, or social media. All new referrals will be followed up in a timely manner. Staff work cell numbers and emails remain the same. For questions or additional information please feel free to contact Lesley Cottrell at or 304-293-2914.

ATTN 21 Year Olds: Our staff may be trying to contact youth who have aged out of foster care to help in the complete a questionnaire. If you have received a call, text, email or Facebook contact please respond.

A Letter to MODIFY Students

MODIFY with CED provides on-going services to youth who are transitioning out of the foster care system. The program also provides technical assistance to the Department of Health and Human Resources, group foster care residential facilities, specialized foster care agencies, youth, foster parents, and the community on independent living services and transitioning services for youth aging out of foster care.



  • Chase

    Chase, 17
    High School Student

    • Dual enrollment in high school and college courses
    • Pursuing major in academic training
    • Runs Track

    "MODIFY has helped me start up in college while in high school and get a head start in front of other people. '[It's helped me] get a vehicle and made it possible for me to imagine myself getting a college degree and not have to worry about finding the money."

    Download Chase's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Danielle

    Danielle, 20
    WVU Student

    Major: Mechanical and Aerospace with a BioMed minor

    Goal: To be a foster parent one day

    "I didn't have this big family support when I got out of foster care and they [the MODIFY program] were there. Not just with financial support but also with advice. I got into an accident once and the first person that I called was my MODIFY worker. It's like having a big family to support you."

    Advice: "Don't ever tell yourself that you can't. If you put your mind toward something and actually work toward it, there is nothing you can't do. Everywhere you look there's support around you, you just have to look for it."

    Download Danielle's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Edmond

    Edmond, 21
    Fairmont State Student

    Attends Fairmont State University
    Football player
    Criminal Justice major
    Best known for optimistic attitude

    "My goals are to become successful, find my career and support my future family."

    Advice: “Take advantage of this and know that you are lucky to be in this position and get this kind of help. Don't blow it away. Stay focused on what you really want and it will all even out perfectly.”

    Download Edmond's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Hope

    Hope, 20
    Pierpont Community College Student

    Attends Pierpont Community College

    Major: Baking & Pastry

    "MODIFY has helped me with car repairs, that I was doing all on my own, and money for food."

    "My advice is to ask questions, ask a lot of them!"

    Download Hope's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Kellie

    Kellie, 25
    Social Worker

    Mother of 2 & Graduate Student

    "I had all that support through my foster care and MODIFY experience that my motivation is to be that support for somebody else."

    Advice: "Keep on. It's tough. The hard part doesn't last forever and if you push through it you'll be successful!"

    Download Kellie's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Mary

    Mary, 19
    Salem International University Student

    Attends Salem International University
    Major: Computer Science

    "MODIFY has helped me learn that I have someone there when needed. I won't be alone in things."

    Advice: "Stay in school. Don't drop out. It might be hard at times, but you'll get through it."

    Download Mary's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

  • Samantha

    Samantha, 27
    Outpatient Therapist

    Obtained Master's degree and is working as an Outpatient Therapist Worked as a MODIFY specialist after graduation

    "The only way that I was able to not quit school and make enough money to survive was by having the MODIFY [funding] supplementing my income."

    "I knew that I wanted to be a social worker because I had a fabulous social worker. She made me want to help people. I wasn't willing to quit college and I wouldn't give up."

    Download Samantha's #MODIFYSUCCESS flier (PDF)

The MODIFY Program has the following purposes:

  1. To ensure that children who are likely to remain in foster care until 18 years of age are provided education, training, financial support, and other needed transitioning services;
  2. To support and serve these former foster care recipients between 18 and 26 years of age to complement their own efforts toward self- sufficiency and to assure that program participants recognize and accept their personal responsibility for preparing to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.
  3. To provide youth who exit foster care at 18 or older with Educational and Training Vouchers for the purpose of attending a post-secondary educational program. The funds may be used to cover the costs of attending college, or vocational training, including all expenses related to a course of study such as computers, special clothing, shoes or boots, books, housing, transportation, and other related educational expenses.

MODIFY is being presented with financial assistance as a grant from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.