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Turning on the utilities in your new apartment

Download a PDF of the Utilites Information

Utilities include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water/sewer
  • Trash
  • Cable/internet

Things to remember when getting utilities turned on:

  • Try to rent an apartment that has some utilities included in the rent.
  • Check the lease or ask the landlord about which utilities need to be transferred to your name and set up.
  • Find the company name on google or in the phone book.
  • Contact the company to determine if a deposit needs to be paid and how to pay it.
  • Electric deposits can often be paid at local merchants or you are given a grace period to mail the deposit in.
  • Water and sewer might be a combined bill or separate bills depending on the service district you live in.
  • Most apartments have dumpsters for trash or trash pickup included in the rent but you will have to check with the landlord or read the lease.
  • You might have to miss school/work to get cable/internet turned on as the company usually must come to the residence to install it.

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia ensures that reasonably priced and reliable utility services are available to all customers in West Virginia. For complaints, call 800-344-5113