Download the Foster Care Tuition Waiver fact sheet

Project Purpose

West Virginia Legislation (HB-4784) was enacted allowing eligible youth in foster care to receive tuition waivers for the purpose of attending a West Virginia public college or university.

Who is eligible?

Within limitations of the governing boards for higher education, the waiver program is available to ANY youth who:

  • Graduated from high school or passed the high school equivalency examination while in thecustody of the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR);
  • Was in family foster care or residential care for at least one year immediately precedinggraduation;
  • Applies for the waiver within two years of graduation from high school or passing the high schoolequivalency examination;
  • Has been accepted to a West Virginia public institution of higher education AND
  • Apply for student financial aid other than student loans, e.g., the Federal Pell Grant, in compliancewith federal financial aid rules

What does the waiver cover?

The waiver covers tuition and fees after other sources of financial aid dedicated solely to tuition and fees are exhausted.

What does the waiver not cover?

The waiver does NOT cover room and board or the cost of books.

Would a youth have to apply for a waiver each of the four years?

Yes. The youth must continue to meet the academic progress standards established by the West Virginia college or university he or she is attending in order to maintain waiver eligibility.

Where do youth apply for a West Virginia Foster Care Tuition Waiver?

In accordance to West Virginia Legislation (HB-4784), youth apply for the waiver at the financial office of the college or university where they have been accepted. Verification of custody will need to be provided via a letter from DHHR or the MODIFY Program to the institution. The college or university will then apply the waiver at their discretion and in conformity to Department of Education standards.