What is NYTD?

NYTD stands for the National Youth in Transition Database. Because of federal legislation, states must administer a questionnaire to foster youth at the ages of 17, 19 and 21. The questionnaire asks questions about outcomes such as employment, homelessness, medical coverage, and connections to a supportive adult. The information is collected by NYTD Specialists who enter the information into the Questionnaire database. The information is then reported to the federal Administration on Children and Families.

Why should I complete the questionnaire?

Your answers are used by the DHHR and others to deliver services to foster youth. Also, you will receive a gift card for completing the questionnaire.

Is my information confidential?

Yes, your answers are reported in aggregate format to the Administration on Children and Families. That means they are all grouped together and no personal identifying information is visible. The NYTD Specialist collects your address to send the gift card to after completion but this is not put in the questionnaire database.

How can I help promote the NYTD questionnaire?

Spread the word to other youth in foster care to answer the questionnaire and get their voice heard!

Will my NYTD Specialist be in touch with me after I complete the questionnaire?

Yes, the NYTD Specialist wants to stay in touch with you until you are 21 to give you information and resources that will help you along the way. They are there to support you.

Is the NYTD Specialist my new caseworker?

No, the NYTD Specialist is not a caseworker. The NYTD Specialists works for WVU CED and is there for support to you.